Who are we?

The Traditional Turkish Arts (TTA) is a London-based platform established under the company Elm Art Investments in 2021 by Marbling Art Artist Dilara Karaagac. The conceptualisation of TTA is derived from the realisation that TTA is not entirely presented together with master artists and experts.

TTA has created this platform to showcase and promote Traditional Turkish Arts as part of the broader field of Turko-Islamic arts by bringing together a diverse group of artists from various cities in Turkey and the United Kingdom. A melange of Islamic art and Turkish heritage and origins, including ancient Mesopotamia, the Dardanelles, the Bosporus, and Rumelia, provide sources of inspiration for the artists.

TTA carefully selects unique artworks which are produced by prominent artists who have dedicated themselves both personally and professionally to their craft. In addition to sharing the artistic finesse and novel craftsmanship, the platform also connects art enthusiasts and artists. Another objective of the platform is to make TTA more accessible by enabling art lovers to acquire the artwork and decorate their place. Though the exchange between the artist and participants, TTA facilitates the production of bespoke artworks upon request.

A word from us

The artists prefer having their work in the hands of those who are enthusiastic and appreciative of it. They wish to entrust their work, on which they have laboured with all their heart and soul, to those who will value and be inspired by it. This is where the


platform comes into play. Our aim is to introduce you to the vast field of Turko-Islamic arts and enable you to own masterfully designed pieces, whether it is calligraphy, miniature or marbling artwork, whichever fits well and illuminates the interior of your home.

The founding idea?

The conceptualisation of this project stemmed from the realisation that there is neither a platform nor venue where Traditional Turkish Arts are comprehensively introduced or showcased. More so, it can be rather difficult to acquire an exquisite and masterfully crafted Traditional Turkish Artwork. To this end, our platform offers a variety of readily crafted artworks as well as an opportunity for commissioning bespoke artworks. The collection of artworks available on our site are specifically selected to give you an idea of the craftsmanship that goes into the artwork. Our objectives are not restricted to commercial purposes, but more to promote, disseminate and to create awareness on Turkish Traditional Arts.


We also aim to support artists who pursue and persevere with this art form despite the challenging conditions. As this is a venture created by a close-knit community of friends and artists, we welcome your queries regarding the artwork, your order requests, we can also arrange the designs in customized sizes to fit your home.

We are also planning workshops and informative sessions in the upcoming months and rely on your support and participation. Our artists are also providing online classes or tutorials. 

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